Looking after your silver jewellery

Left in light and air, sterling silver tarnishes. That is to say it reacts with sulphides in the air and oxidizes. You see this as a dull film over the surface of your jewellery. Additionally the chemicals in soaps, perfumes, personal products and perspiration all have a further effect on precious metals. Salt water and chlorine in swimming pools are particularly harmful.

There are some basic tips you can follow to keep your silver jewellery looking its best.

For suggestions on how to clean your jewellery, have a look at our page Cleaning your silver jewellery for ideas.

Storing your silver jewellery

Remember when putting your silver jewellery away that the less air and light your silver is exposed to the less it will tarnish.

For silver you wear daily a jewellery box may be a good compromise way of storing your prized possessions. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a practical and interesting box; one of my favourites is in oak and came from Crafty Boxes in the UK.