Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of chains & fastenings do you use?

All silver pendants and lockets come on a sterling silver chain. We use a variety of chain styles but mostly trace link or rolo. We always use a sterling silver bale and silver lobster claw or bolt clasp.

We usually offer a choice of chain length. Select the one that you want from the list when you add your purchase to your cart. If you have a special length in mind, please ask. We occasionally do carry small stocks of odd lengths.

How do I separate a multi-part necklace?

Please follow this link for detailed instructions you can download on how to separate a break away or multi-piece necklace.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5 % pure silver and 7.5 per cent copper or other metals. The millesimal fineness, the system for measuring the purity of precious metals such as gold and silver, indicates the parts per thousand of pure metal by mass in the alloy. As sterling silver is 92.5% silver in the alloy, its millesimal fineness is 925 and for this reason you also see sterling silver referred to as "925 silver".

Popularly the purity of gold is expressed using carats (karats) rather than the millesimal fineness but the carat serves the same purpose. The purity of gold alloy is denoted in fractions of 24. So '18 carat' indicates an alloy with 75% (18 parts per 24) pure gold by mass.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium electroplating provides a hard scratch and tarnish resistant surface to the plated item. Rhodium is itself a precious metal and gives a white, reflective appearance. When used on silver which is a much shinier metal, rhodium plating can make the silver appear less reflective. The decision you need to weigh is does the benefit of the protective coating outweigh a slightly less glossy appearance.

A number of items we sell are rhodium plated which is indicated in the description. If you have any questions about plated items or the plating itself, please contact us.

If an item you buy from us is unplated but you wish to have it treated, you will find many local jewellers offer a rhodium plating service.

What can I use to clean a sterling silver pendant I have bought from you?

Please read the Cleaning your silver jewellery page for ideas.

How should I look after a sterling silver pendant I have bought from you?

Please read the Looking after your silver jewellery page.